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Les Coquettes Land in the Big Apple!!

**These are our new favorite gals.

[koh-ket] –noun
*a woman who flirts lightheartedly with men to win their admiration and affection; flirt.

—Synonyms 1. tease, vamp

Attention: Lovers

Part discotheque, part burlesque, part what-the-heck; Les Coquettes are more than just a questionably lesbionique DJ collective. They are Kiki & Lala -- delightful dilettantes and ex-disco queens on a personal crusade to rescue NYC nightlife from the abysmal grips of Snoresville by bringing innuendo, magic, and FUN back.

Come partake this Saturday at The Hotel on Rivington; 10pm to 12:30 (only a 2 1/2 hr tryst!). Don't be late, darlings, because they might just start the show with a BANG!

Don't miss them -- Kiss them!...xx

* Click on the image below to view the invite*

We are about to rewrite Herstory...

What if our female organs had thoughts (pure & impure); emotions; ambitions; stories; opinions; fears; advice; hopes for finding -- um, well -- a proper fit; a sense of humour; consciousness; some neuroses and an outlet (say, like a blogspot or something...) through which they could express such interior faculties, or at least think out loud? Well, we'd all have some insight on their most-intimate, most-moving, and wittiest monoblogs -- err - monologues, no? If only those lips could speak...what would they say?...

After this age of equal rights, if men can think with two heads, so can we!

Welcome to The Vagina Monoblogs.

* Please feel free to join in on whatever relevant random thoughts and topics inspire us, and invite you to submit your own.